Magnecomp Precision Technology Public Company Limited is seeking qualified candidates to fill up available positions.

Customer Quality Engineering.
  • Main focal person for coordination customer complaint / feedback, to follow up with related personnel for an effective closure of the complaint / feedback and to close the issue or 8D with customer.
  • From the management direction, set goals and objectives for CQE department and lead the team to achieve the goals/concern.
  • Maintain good relationship with customer and communicate with both customer and factory on Quality related issue/concern.
  • Supervise and lead CQE engineer.
  • Participate, Support, and Lead, as per assignment, the quality issue solving / quality/process improvement activities.
  • Co-ordinate customer correlation, site visit and qualification (such as process and cleanroom audit).
  • Conduct and perform the engineering/quality evaluation and analysis when necessary.
  • Ensure the necessary data required by customer is provided on time and accurately.
  • Education Required :
    • B.Eng. / B.Sc. in any related field.
  • Skill Required :
    • Good command in English (both written & speaking)
    • Computer Skills: MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), Minitab.
    • Good problem solving and statistical analysis skills.
    • Six Sigma methodology.
  • Experience :
    • 5 years minimum.
Manage EQE Equipments be sustained and continuous improved to meet KPI or beyond.
Manage EQE Resource (Man, Material + Spare, Time) be used at optimum point.
  • Monitor and control machines setup and repairing time to meet MTTR and/or MTBF plan.
  • Monitor and control for tune up and maintain machines to meet UPH plan or higher.
  • Monitor and control for tune up and maintain machines to meet Yield and IAR plan or higher.
  • Define/Analyze/Measure/Improve/Control for Equipment Continuous Improvement.
  • Monitor and control manpower utilization (IPK).
  • Monitor and control expenditure.
  • Supervise / Advise Technician/ Sr. Tech. / Engineer/ Sr. Engineer and/or subordinate.
  • Support job assignment from superiors.
  • Education Required :
    • Bachelor / Master Degree in Technical Field (EE, ME, Electronic, Computer, Instrumentation)
  • Skill Required :
    • Technical skill in EE of ME or Program
  • Experience :
    • 7-15 years.
To support employees with Company’s welfare & benefits and administration in Employee Relationship Section.
  • Manage health and life insurance programs.
  • Offering counseling services to employees.
  • Conducting exit interviews.
  • Managing employee complaints.
  • Monitoring and handling for canteen shop vendor to comply with public health standards, hygiene and food safety.
  • Education Required :
    • Bachelor ‘s Degree in any field
  • Skill Required :
    • Knowledge in Local Labor Protection and Welfare Laws and related labor related laws.
    • Communication and good human relationship.
  • Experience :
    • 5 year’s experience in related fields.
This position is intended for a highly-motivated, results-driven and experienced Principle Engineer – Data Scientist to identify, develop or integrate new and innovative data systems and analytical methods for the data science. Candidate must possess a history of strong leadership, deep practical systems engineering, project management and customer satisfaction. This candidate must be able to work effectively in a cross-functional and cross-site team environment.
  • Work with metrology, process team to improve measurement capability.
  • Interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques to uncover new manufacturing insights.
  • Identify areas of study for manufacturing engineering team to reduce product variation.
  • Partner with IT to develop and implement databases, data collection systems, data analytics and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality.
  • Identify new parameters to be included in the database.
  • Partner with design engineering to architect the data collection landscape to predict product performance and reliability.
  • Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets.
  • Prepares product and process reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed
  • Work with design engineer to improve model, analyze modeling data, identify and implement design changes to prevent problems.
  • Problem solves and implement solutions for production problems related to product performance.
  • Participant in new product and technical engineering problem solving meetings as required.
  • Work with test development team to improve capability, analyze test result, identify and implement corrective action.
  • Education Required :
    • Bachelor/master’s degree Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering
  • Skill Required :
    • Design of Experiments, Statistical Analysis, Data Models, Database Design, Data Mining, Dealing with Complexity, Verbal and written communication Methods and Procedures, Manufacturing Quality, Product Development, Presenting Technical Information
  • Experience :
    • Minimum 7-15+ years of engineering experience
    • Education: Bachelor degree in an engineering discipline such as Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Master degree a plus.
    • Experience with analysis of manufacturing/process and product data in factory environments
    • Software development experience with operating systems, statistical software systems (ex. SAS JMP, R, python), test/debugging and integration into factory systems.
    • Demonstrated ability to assess and manage project/program risk (technical, schedule).
    • Experience managing cross-functional engineering development teams including multi-site development teams.
    • Strong project management expertise.
In charge of new product and mass production for process control, process capability, product performance and LAR.
  • To be team member and advisor for 8D report owing to customer issue.
  • To provide the Process Flow both evaluation and RMA [ return from customer ] for attachment into EER and MRR document.
  • To be team member and also narrator all manufacturing processes when customer come to visit or audit the line.
  • To do the analyze and re-create the problem situation same as defect symptom which customer feedback for find out the cause and fix [ corrective & preventive ]
  • To support and provide all manufacturing process data for supporting their data package.
  • Coordinate and do internal evaluation for productivity improvement such as DCF and PRSA incoming,… etc.
  • Monitor and alert to Tooling once CTF or CTQ will be out control or given abnormal sign/ trend
  • Scope problematic lots [ both dimension & visual inspection failure ] once IPQE alerted [ audit failed ]and control this build till LAT.
  • To do comparison by statistical analysis all Testers before release to support normal production.
  • Alert to SQE and IQA if found critical rejected symptom for further SQE/IQA analysis.
  • Provide the flow to control abnormal or marginal dimension concerned into MFG and also monitor until shipment.
  • To qualify new component design / new supplier and do the comparison analysis.
  • To maintain Production %Yield and Scrap [ daily, weekly and monthly ]
  • Day to Day problem solving on production floor.
  • To do the process improvement.
  • To define the activities for production yield and scrap improvement.
  • To support all customer issues / feedback from Product engineering & CQE.
  • To create the working method for support HPK improvement project , reduce manpower.
  • Education Required :
    • Bachelor’s /Master Degree in any engineering field relates.
  • Skill Required :
    • Computer skill, English command, Statistical analysis skill (SPC, Six sigma), Communication skill, Good attitude, Good Human Relationship and Flexible.
  • Experience :
    • 4-6 years.
Process, Machines and Equipments software development/design/modify for support Suspension Manufacturing Process.
  • Develop and debug machine Control /Application software for support Suspension Manufacturing
  • Improve Electrical and Software Design of Equipment for Suspension Manufacturing
  • Software Conceptual and Detail Design
  • Develop and Improve Process for Suspension Manufacturing
  • Develop and Improve Equipment for Suspension Manufacturing
  • Process Analysis by using DOE
  • Knowledge sharing/distribution
  • Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as asigned
  • Education Required :
    • Bachelor’s and at least 4-6 years of experience that is directly related to the duty and responsibility specified or a Master’s degree at least 1 years of experience that is directly related to the duties.
  • Skill Required :
    • C# Programming Skills, Multi-Threading Application Programming; Software Design, Automation System Design, DOE, Good command in English
  • Experience :
    • 2-5 years.
Set up and maintain an effective in-process inspection system.
Also ensure all in-process parts conform to standards with the use of sampling plan recommended by the Inspection Instruction per PCP or other approved document.
  • Leader and Operators to ensure proper inspection is being done.
  • Review and interpret defective criteria.
  • Provide accurate / on time report to concern people.
  • Perform Attribute GR & R test to all visual operators.
  • Perform GR&R test to all dimension operators.
  • Ensure that QA procedures are being followed.
  • Performs related work as Senior Supervisor and manager required.
  • Education Required :
    • Diploma and/or Bachelor's Degree in any fields
  • Skill Required :
    • Good presentation, communication and human relationship skills
  • Experience :
    • 0-2 years.
Continuous monitoring, Improvement & Sustenance of Process & related equipment performance to meet KPI commitments. Work closely with internal tooling staff to achieve the objectives.
  • Monitor Process, Tooling & Equipment performance, Using Lean & Six Sigma techniques, initiate performance improvement activities to achieve good Product Quality and Reliability.
  • Generate necessary documents related to the Process, Tooling & Machine maintenance to ensure ISO requirements are met.
  • Schedule Machine PM. Maintain records of the Maintenance activity through implemented documents.
  • Provide proper and timely feedback to immediate superior on performance, issues & improvements.
  • Review & Analyze Quality Issues of running Product and initiate improvement activities for concerns related to Process, Tooling & Machine to achieve BIC products.
  • Initiate & follow up corrective actions on Quality Issues, Process & design Improvements.
  • Improve Working Methods, House Keeping & Discipline in the Shop Floor. Practice safe Working Methods in handling the Process Tooling & Equipment.
  • Establish good communication & coordination between maintenance team & internal customer.
  • Perform other duties & assume accountabilities as apparent or as delegated, including mutually agreed upon objectives
  • Education Required :
    • Bachelor Degree in related Engineering field.
  • Skill Required :
    • Effective Management and Communication Skill.
    • Statistical analysis skill (SPC, DOE, FMEA, six sigma)
    • Good human relationship and flexibility to work in a team to achieve Company Goals.
  • Experience :
    • 0-5 years.
To provide centralized administrative support other management positions, the company visitors and other employee require centralized administrative support.
  • Able to create activity within organization.
  • Provides all HR services and support transactions process to line.
  • Disciplinary action and consult line supervisors on discipline issues.
  • To investigate and provide administrative support for all employee inquiry sessions relating to employee counseling and discipline.
  • Produce monthly report related to driver.
  • Do other assignment assigned by supervisor.
  • Education Required :
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Administration or related fields.
  • Skill Required :
    • Having strong knowledge in Thai labor law is an advantage.
    • Flexible, open-mined with good communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Good interpersonal, communication & negotiation skills and self motivated.
    • Having proactive and positive thinking skills.
    • Good command in English and computer literacy.
  • Experience :
    • 1-3 years’ experience in human resource function, especially in employee relation.
Manage delivery IT production in part of network and connectivity ensure that the production system always work smoothly and drive to solve the incidents be solved with SLAs, implementation of all network connectivity standards applied to network environments within company’s network infrastructure with related parties of LAN / WAN / WLAN environment, monitor network and trends and prevent occurrence of incidents, problems and errors and improve overall system performance
  • Installs, configures, and maintaining and monitoring virus protection software, network operating system and application software, as appropriate.
  • Operating master consoles to monitor the performance of networks and computer systems.
  • Provide on-call support for computer/network systems as required.
  • Preventive maintenance, and perform necessary plan for migrating system and upgrade system.
  • Prepare required reports namely installation report, configurations, maintenance report etc. for a supervisor or as manager requested.
  • Service minded with excellent communication and coordination skills, positive attitude, proactive and willing to learn with multi-tasking skills.
  • Other duties may be assigned.
  • Education Required :
    • Bachelor’s Degree or Higher in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, IT or in related field.
  • Skill Required :
    • Ability to think through problems and visualize solutions.
    • Ability to create accurate network diagrams and documentation for design and planning network communication systems.
    • Provides specific detailed information for hardware and software selection.
    • A self-starter able to work independently but comfortable working in a team environment.
    • Strong understanding of network infrastructure and network hardware.
    • Ability to implement, administer, and troubleshoot network infrastructure devices, including wireless access points, firewall, routers, switches, controllers.
    • Knowledge of application transport and network infrastructure protocols.
    • Advance level of knowledge around Cisco IP LAN/WAN technologies with minimum of 3 years of relevant experience. Familiar with other products is a plus such HPE Aruba and Pulse Secure (SD-WAN, SSL VPN)
    • Have good background knowledge of Enterprise Network Architecture TCP/IP, OSI Model, Routing and Switching, LAN, WLAN, WAN, Firewall, Secure WEB Gateway, SDN and SD-WAN, and Network Security technology.
    • Good practical “hands-on” experience on: Cisco IOS devices, Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE), Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) or other Firewall and Network Security Product is a plus.
    • Cisco Certified CCNA or CCNP will an advantage.
    • Proactive self-leaning, strong problem analysis and solving skills.
  • Experience :
    • 3–5 Years
Sustain and Continue Improve EQE Equipments to beyond EQE KPI target.
  • Monitor and control machines setup and repairing time to meet MTTR and/or MTBF target.
  • Monitor and control for tune up and maintain machines to meet UPH target or higher.
  • Monitor and control for tune up and maintain machines to meet Yield and IAR target or higher.
  • Define/Analyze/Measure/Improve/Control for Equipment Continuous Improvement.
  • Monitor and control manpower utilization (IPK).
  • Supervise / Advise Technician/ Sr. Tech. / Engineer and/or subordinate.
  • Support job assignment from superiors.
  • Education Required :
    • Bachelor/Master Degree in Technical Field (EE, ME, Electronic, Computer, Instrumentation)
  • Skill Required :
    • Technical skill in EE or ME or Program.
  • Experience :
    • 4-6 years.
Responsibility for assigned SGT products and responsible to manage all activity form the early proto phase.
Coordination of factory tasks to delivery prototypes meeting customer requirements.
  • Responsible for assigned SGT products (manage all activity starting form early prototype phase)
  • Responsible to provide product engineering support during mass prod phase (ECR/ECO, dwg updates)
  • Responsible for customer requests on proto phase (provide support to MPTT PM & factory CQE team)
  • Responsible for factory commitment for FCS and manage overall timeline (new and design change)
  • Responsible for post mortem review after FCS.
  • Responsible for sample evaluations & data requests (internal or customer) generate and manage timeline for all miscellaneous evaluations. Responsible to publish regular timeline updates to team until evaluation build is completed. Assemble evaluation data package summary.
  • Product DFM, responsible to coordinate factory DFM review and consolidation of team feedback.
  • Responsible for NUD planning & Busting Management.
  • Responsible for providing tooling cost into to MPTT (Includes: new program & impact for design changes)
  • Responsible for product First Article product data package & design verification testing (DVT phase 1-3)
  • Responsible for product change management (BOM, ECR implementation, update internal documentation)
  • Responsible for DFSS scorecard (working w/PLM to implement GAP closure plan for low Z-Margin CTQ’s)
  • Responsible to identify and close engineering issues (internal and customer issues) during NPI phase.
  • Responsible to identify top issues on the program and work with PLM team to implement GAP closure plan.
  • Responsible to manage optimization of proto line and maintain it optimized (working closely with PLM)
  • Responsible to provide direction to test dept for program priorities (ensure testing get completed per commit)
  • Responsible to be present in daily operations meeting (provide direction to team)
  • Education Required :
    • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related field.
  • Skill Required :
    • Leadership skills.
    • Experience in HDD field preferred, basic understanding of suspensions and relationship to disk drives.
    • SPC, DOE knowledge is a plus.
    • Demonstrated proficiency in both written and oral communication (English)
    • Must have good attention to detail, supervisory skills, strong problem solving skills.
    • Computer literacy: Power-point, Minitab, Excel, CAD, project.
    • Project management experience, Able to handle multiple projects.
  • Experience :
    • 5 years.
Capturing business needs and shaping requirements through dialogue with business sponsors, understanding end-user requirements, working on solution design and communicating with solutions/technical team, project management, integration planning/dependency management/business process mapping, and supporting testing.
The focus of this job is to support a recently implemented Oracle E-business Suite R12 implementation and participate in the remaining implementation tasks and work on upgrading additional sites from Oracle EBS 11i to R12.
  • Works with business partner to elicit high-level requirements and capture business needs
  • Analyzing system problems and solutions and identifying data and technology according to users’ requirements
  • Liaising with users, gathering business and system requirements, and consolidating all requirements.
  • Being responsible for the technical and functional specifications of systems and the testing of new system releases.
  • Responsible for assistance in successful any implementation that concern with of Oracle EBS Suite
  • Clearly articulates and documents business requirements
  • Assesses the risks of various solutions and prioritizes competing business demands
  • Manages ongoing relationship with business partner to drive satisfaction with IT
  • Facilitates project delivery by participating in design reviews and walk-throughs to communicate systems designs and validate proposed solutions
  • Obtains key inputs from enterprise architecture teams and identifies solution interdependencies
  • Having business and system knowledge in order to prepare/maintain documents (i.e. specification, functional, technical, programing design, user/ technical manual and etc.)
  • Able to travel oversea
  • Education Required :
    • Bachelor/Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineer or related fields
  • Skill Required :
    • Experience in Oracle E-business Suite R12 application implementation or support is a plus
    • Ability to work with implementation team and related partners
    • Demonstrated ability to communicate in both verbal and written communication
    • Demonstrated analytical skills
    • Understanding of information technology and business concepts
    • Familiarity with general business functions
    • Problem solving and strong communication skills
    • Must be comfortable working with users and other team members that speak primarily in English is a plus
  • Experience :
    • 3-5 Years’ experience in IT & Process background
Maintenance of all Tooling, Machine, Hand tools & Feed, related to the daily Production Plan as per requirements and priorities set by immediate supervisor.
  • Receive Job and Work Instruction from immediate superior. Repair and maintain all Tooling, Machine, Hand tools & Feed as to produce parts as per specification consistently.
  • Analyze Tooling, Machine, Hand tools & Feed failure using rejection data and visual inspection of rejected parts. Take guidance from immediate superior if required to ensure immediate and one time fix.
  • To ensure Tooling, Machine, Hand tools & Feed is always maintained in good condition fit to produce excellent parts.
  • Keep record of Tooling, Machine, Hand tools & Feed Maintenance – through implemented documents.
  • Proper and Timely feedback to immediate superior on online status and improvement actions.
  • To work closely with Technical Staff on new Tooling Debugging and Qualification.
  • Improve Die and Machine Utilization and Quality of Product. Keep close monitor & update actions on out of Control items and get involved in fixing problems.
  • Improve Working Methods, House Keeping and Discipline in the Shop Floor. Practice safe
  • Working Methods in handling Tooling and Equipments. (Lean Activities)
  • Work in close relation with colleagues in the section and other related departments. Perform other duties and assume accountabilities as apparent or as delegated, including mutually agreed upon objectives.
  • Education Required :
    • Certificate or Diploma in Technical field.
  • Experience :
    • 0-6 years.
Sustain PZTu Equipments to meet PZTu KPI.
  • Setup and repair machines to meet MTTR and/or MTBF plan.
  • Tune up and maintain machines to meet UPH plan or higher.
  • Tune up and maintain machines to meet Yield and IAR plan or higher.
  • Support job assignment from superiors
  • Education Required :
    • Certificate or Diploma in Technical field.
  • Experience :
    • 0-6 years.
Designs, plans, and coordinates application systems and programming work teams. Provides technical support to project team members. Handles complex application features and technical designs. Designs and implements the components required for complex application features.
  • Design and develop new Time Attendance and Payroll applications and sub-applications; ensure reliability of cross-company applications.
  • Provide mission-critical computing affecting in the Time Attendance and Payroll System; plan, coordinate between Payroll, HR and IT team, integrate, test, implement, and on-call support applications and system interfaces.
  • Analyze errors in requirements and conduct feasibility studies; recommend optimum approach and develops systems and/or applications design for approved projects.
  • Interpret information and informally arbitrates between system and users when conflicts exist.
  • Reviews design, analyze, and code for quality and adherence to standards, timely implementation, and testing of applications projects.
  • Maintain currency of knowledge with respect to relevant up-to-date technology, equipment, and/or systems.
  • Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.
  • Education Required :
    • Bachelor's degree in a related area or equivalency with at least 7 years of experience in the field.
  • Skill Required :
    • In-depth knowledge and leadership expertise in Time Attendance and Payroll system.
    • Experience on implementing and maintaining Time Attendance and Payroll, HRM systems, such as HRM core, Compensation & Benefit, and Welfare.
    • Experience working with Compensation & Benefit and Payroll team.
    • Experience in Time Attendance and Payroll process
    • Knowledge in Personal Tax calculation
    • Knowledge in Social Security Fund policy
    • Knowledge in Basic Accounting
    • The ability to troubleshoot technical issues as well as develop and implement strategies to address problem areas with human resource technology.
    • Ability designs and develops backend APIs.
    • Knowledge of current technological developments with SQL language for MS SQL or Oracle database.
    • Ability to plan, design, coordinate installation, test, and modify Time Attendance and Payroll systems and subsystems.
    • Ability to provide technical staff development and performance feedback.
    • Ability to develop and deliver presentations.
    • Teamwork and willing to learn a new technology.
  • Experience :
    • 7 years up
Familiar with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks. Leads and directs the work of others. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. Typically reports to a manager or head of a department.
“We have a policy of Non-Discrimination in our recruitment process that has opportunities for disabled candidates who are suitable for the job”
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